Can Smart Glasses Replace the Smartphones?

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“Hi, my name is _________ and I am addicted to my smartphone.”

We’re joking (a little), but we’re also assuming this type of support group really exists. According to a study by KDA Engineering on smartphone addiction, up to 92% of Americans believe that the addiction is real. Comparable to the addiction some have for coffee, or cigarettes–a real physical addiction.

The same study reports that 60% of Americans believe they touch their device 100 times a day or less, although the actual number is jaw dropping. 2,617 times a day is how often the average user “taps, touches, or swipes their phone.” That’s A TON!

Lately it seems the tech industry is pushing a new possible addiction, to ‘smart glasses’ instead.  

It’s still a ways away, but the days of looking through our ‘smart-lenses’ to tell time, read messages, speak to our friends and family, and ask our smart assistants when our next appointment is, will be here before we know it. Just as cell phones used to be literal brick-sized blocks and are now foldable touch screens, the change just takes time and some innovation.

The first wearable technology to get a national spotlight was the Google Glass in 2013, marketed as an OHMD or optimal head mounted display. Smart glasses now offer similar features available in any handheld mobile smart device;

– Calculator/Clock

– GPS Navigation

– Activity tracker

– Music

– Camera and video

– Bluetooth Connectivity

While smart glasses may not completely take over the smartphone market, they have a sneaking ability to change the game. We will no longer need to carry around a bulky item in our pocket, bringing the now hands-free screen closer to our eye will also give the illusion that is bigger. Augmented reality is also an attractive feature. Although currently more beneficial to businesses than the everyday user, as AR continues to expand this will be a must-have for the popular wearable tech.

We haven’t seen anything groundbreaking out of the smartphone industry either. There haven’t been any major improvements, and If anything it seems they have grown in size, becoming bulkier, needing pop-sockets to ensure they aren’t dropped because hands can’t grip it comfortably.

Next logical step? Glasses.

Apple is working on a pair as we speak, and we’ve already been introduced to Amazon’s Echo Frames. It’s only a matter of time before it’s normal to be walking down the street hearing, “Alexa, take me to that awesome coffee shop John was talking about this morning.”

So yes, the answer is smart glasses could absolutely replace our handheld smart phones. A better question would be, should they?

–Emmy Seigler




Image Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/SHY-CKpYjrE

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