5 Ways to Prime Your Business Communications for the New Year

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Business Communications

Technology is an ever evolving entity. But, when it comes to communications systems there are certain steps you can take to protect your investments for the future. To manage risk in an unpredictable environment, here are five ways to ensure your Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) is primed for the future of your business:

Minimize Interruptions

The mobile workforce is not a trend you can expect to fade away anytime soon – in fact, prepare yourself for the opposite. By 2018, it’s expected that 70% of mobile professionals will do business on mobile devices. But mobility should never hinder productivity. Your communications and collaboration tools should be designed with mobile in mind so you can have an in-office experience that’s consistent across all your mobile devices, no matter where you are in the world.

Manage Your Costs

Improving your mobile collaboration strategy now can save you big bucks year after year. Companies waste millions per year operating with a bad or non-existent mobile strategy. Working with a premier managed service provider like EnhancedTECH can transform your business into a mobile enterprise and improve your profit margin without a sales miracle.

Attract the Best Talent

Did you know 36% of employees would choose flexible working options over a pay raise? Not only can a mobile collaboration strategy improve employee morale, but it creates meaningful connections with employees on the road and in remote offices, creating a truly collaborative environment.

Build Customer Loyalty 

Your workforce isn’t the only thing that’s mobile. Today’s customer is no longer content to wait in line or hang on hold for even a few minutes. Instead, your customers want to connect with you through their favorite media – SMS, web chat, social media and video – and they want to do so instantly. To gain a competitive edge, employ multimedia options for customer engagement.

Protect your Investment with Scalable Options

Partnering with the right managed service provider provides the flexibility to grow at your own pace. Whether you’re on-premises today, diving into cloud or testing the waters with a hybrid model, your environment should easily scale as your business expands.

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