Are You Living on the Phone?

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It’s not only today’s youth that struggles to peel their eyes off their mobile device screens. The addiction to our ever changing, serotonin producing, time wasting phones is real and it’s serious. USA Today reports the average American spends “four hours a day on their smartphone.” Ouch! That’s a big number.

USA Today multiplied that time into months, and it adds up to a month and a half each year.

How do we spend an entire month and a half of waking hours looking down at our screens? Incredulous? There’s an easy way to check. Most devices have “Screen Time” statistics that are grouped in with Notifications, Sounds and Do Not Disturb.

Your weekly stats may surprise you.

An article by MSN hints you may have a smartphone addiction if the following applies to you:

– Feel extremely anxious if your phone battery dies or if you lose service

– Use your phone up until the minute you go to bed and checking it the minute you wake up

– Sleep with your phone on your bed

– Reach for your phone in times of anxiety or depression

– Mindlessly pass time by looking at your phone

Don’t you want to be free of the trap that is your smartphone!?

We’re sure some of you are plagued by the above listed symptoms, and it’s because we do in fact “get little “happy hits” of dopamine off of social media posts, online videos, mobile games, and more.” So we’re now wired to crave it, it’s become a physical addiction.

“Tech companies actually hire psychologists, neuroscientists, and social science experts to help them hack the human brain and keep people coming back for more.”

The same MSN article mentions “How to Break Up With Your Phone,” by Catherine Price (a good read for those who think they may have a smartphone addiction), who says we need to reframe our phone time “the time you spend on your phone is time you’re not spending doing other pleasurable things.” 

How do we do this? Set your limits. Personally, and with the help of your device.

In settings you can limit specific apps, and even lock yourself out of them at certain times in the day (granted you can get around this if you REALLY want, but the option’s there!).

Turn off notifications, to resist the urge throughout the day to check certain apps demanding your attention. Or try an app like Moment, Freedom or Flipd that tracks your time and can block access to sites you may want to avoid.

It might be a process, and you may have to start small, but we promise you won’t regret your newly remembered love for the outdoors, or that hobby you forgot you enjoyed so much. Freedom!

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Source: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/addicted-to-your-iphone-it-might-be-time-to-detox-%e2%80%93-or-at-least-go-on-a-break/ar-BB104XlG

Image Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/person-holding-smartphone-white-sitting-1310532/

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