Apple adding testing center locations to maps app

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Apple is stepping up its Pandemic relief efforts to help people get tested for COVID-19 by adding the testing center locations to its Maps app. The company has designed a portal for providers to share their details, which will then be authenticated by the iPhone maker.

On the page, picked up late last week by 9to5Mac, Apple requested that health care providers, labs and other businesses download a template and enter location information for COVID-19 testing sites. Apple will begin verifying the information submitted, which will then be displayed on Apple Maps. According to the page’s FAQ, the company doesn’t have an estimate yet on when the locations will show up in the navigation app. 

In addition to obtaining location information for COVID-19 testing locations, Apple is also developing with Google new contact tracing technology that could be used by health authorities. The tech would utilize mobile phones to notify a person when they are in close contact with someone who is infected.  

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Source: 9to5Mac

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