8 Tips for Protecting Your Small Business from Phishing Attacks

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spear phishing

Phishing continues to be a top exploit for small business breaches, and companies should take notice. Of the 360,000 spear phishing email attacks examined over a three-month period, the most common types were brand impersonation (83%) and business email compromise (11%). Such breaches can be leveraged to steal payment and personal information.

According to Tech Republic, “These highly personalized email attacks involve a hacker researching their target and creating a message often designed to impersonate a trusted colleague or business to steal sensitive information, which is then used to commit crimes like fraud and identity theft, the report noted.”

Baracuda released a report on Tuesday that noted why spear phishing attacks are particularly dangerous because they are designed to get around traditional email security like spam filters. They typically do not include malicious links or attachments, but instead use spoofing techniques and zero-day links that, combined with social engineering tactics, are unlikely to be blocked.

Here are some best practices for protecting your business:

1) Take advantage of AI

2) Don’t rely solely on traditional security

3) Deploy account-takeover protection

4) Use multi-factor authentication

5) Conduct proactive investigations

6) Train staffers to recognize and report cyber-attacks!

7) Conduct proactive investigations

8) Maximize data-loss prevention

If you need assistance with protecting your business from spear phishing attacks, give EnhancedTECH a call at 714-970-9330 or contact us at [email protected]

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