5 Tips to Secure Online Shopping

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Online Shopping

As Christmas looms, online shopping heats up. Unfortunately, the more time you spend online, the higher the risk of of compromising your digital identity.

Be it Black Friday or Cyber Monday, have you securely and safely protected your data privacy?

The steps are pretty simple, but not unlike flossing, easy to skip over when we are short on time or patience.

Here are 5 Tips to make sure your holiday shopping is secure.

1) Change your old passwords

Your dog’s name and kids birthday just won’t cut it anymore. We reccomend using the US Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Digital Identity Guidelines. They recommend “Memorized Secrets”: long passphrases (at least 15 characters) that are easy to remember but still use distinct special characters—!, @, #, $.

2) Use multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a two-step process that joins your unique password with a constantly changing code delivered via text message or email, a fingerprint scanner, or another type of application that requires verification to login along with your password. This extra layer of protection can keep your accounts safe from cybercriminals testing out vulnerabilities or trying to use compromised passwords.

3) Look for red-flag emails.

If it looks a little fishy-it probably is. Always double-check a sender’s email address to confirm it originates from a legitimate domain name and review for typos and grammatical errors in the body copy. You can also hover over a web address, and make sure the target URL matches the one displayed. During the holiday season, fake notifications from shipping companies or financial institutions abound, along with spoofed holiday cards and gift certificates.

4) Partner with an IT security specialist to keep track of software updates and security patches.

Many of the most potent digital attacks have exploited vulnerabilities in outdated operating systems or hiccups in software versions. In many cases, those vulnerabilities could have been mitigated by the very software update that you dismissed. A reliable technology partner can help your business deploy those updates and patches promptly, keeping every device up to date while limiting downtime before it affects you and your employees.

5) Don’t click on pop-ups

Irritating pop-up ads are a fact of life when you use the Internet. Whether it’s redirecting you to a spoofed external site that installs malware or attempts to swipe any saved passwords, all it takes is one click to lead to serious problems, Beware of viral headlines and “too good to be true” offers, as these are often used to entice unsuspecting users to click.

If you need help with keeping your network secure contact EnhancedTECH at 714-970-9330.

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