Small Business

Small Business Not Immune From Cyber Attacks

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Every time a big corporation gets hacked, the data breach is all over the news. Maybe as a small business you feel a bit removed from the big cyber threats--why would hackers bother to go after the little fish in the pond? Although it might seem like it's just the big fish that get hit from cyber...


Beware-Your Food Delivery App Might Be Spying on You

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Ever feel like someone is watching you? Maybe they are. Researchers from Northeastern have concluded that certain popular apps on your phone may be secretly taking screenshots of your activity and sending them to third parties. Scared yet? You should be... The researchers found that these...

cloud technology

Cloud Technology and Big Data Take on Severe Weather

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Being able to communicate effectively is key to growing your business. At EnhancedTECH, we want to ensure that you can connect with customers and employees easily, and we know the right cloud technology and platform can make all the difference. Global weather company AccuWeather handles over 17...

The Last Layer Of Security-Your Employees

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Cyber security threats continue to increase rapidly in numbers and are taking a financial toll on the unfortunate businesses that suffer a data breach. Lately, hackers have turned away from attacking systems head-on, instead they've realized it’s much easier to find someone who in a moment of...


The Hype and Reality of AI

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Everyone is talking about the implications of AI (Artificial Intelligence). How will it impact the workplace? What are the ethics of dehumanizing critical decisions  and the possible downside of cybercriminals using it against us. Is AI positive or negative, or does it fall somewhere in...

Cyber Tips

Cyber Tips to Ward off Hackers

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One thing I know about humans-we trust people way too easily. Unfortunately, trust isn't something we can be generous with when it comes to cyber security. Here are some recent scams and tips to fend off hacks and data attacks. Financial Pretexting Scam: (Examples of pretexting) Phone...

spear phishing

Targeted Spear Phishing Attack-Even Churches aren’t Immune

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Even the church isn't immune to cyber criminals. A group of unsavory cons from Canada are exploiting the names of priests and archbishops to solicit money from unsuspecting parishioners. Looking at this picturesque fishing town in Nova Scotia, it would seem like the only crimes might be a stolen...

internet privacy law

California’s Internet Privacy Law Strictest Yet

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What some are now calling the "California Effect" is changing the landscape of the internet. Passed and signed by the governor in a speedy Sacramento blur, California’s new internet privacy law, the strictest so far in the United States, is shaking up tech and social media. The new law...

Office 365

Office 365 Empowers Premier Water Removal’s Growth

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Gaining and maintaining your customers’ trust is precious. In today’s fast-paced and hacker-filled world, we understand that business owners need the best cybersecurity and compliance features available, at reasonable costs. Trevor Cressey, who owns Premier Water Removal, knows that the...

Health Equity Breach

Health Equity Breach Compromised 23,000

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Sometimes it feels like companies are handing out credit monitoring like candy. After your personal data has been compromised the credit monitoring "gift" is your consolation prize. The next company to fall into the hands of hackers this week was Health Equity-a company that manages millions...