How does AI contribute to “Deepfakes” and what are they?

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Ahh machine learning...what a beautiful thing to automate algorithms and statistical models so computers can perform tasks without input or specific instruction. Beautiful yes, but also potentially dangerous as the world is beginning to discover with the take-off and increasing popularity of...

IT Disaster

Are You Flirting With IT Disaster?

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Risk is for losers. Literally. If you're not actively de-risking your IT infrastructure, you're asking for a ransomware attack where you could lose some or all of your hard-earned data. While cloud platforms can give you the data recovery tools you need, adopting a cloud solution can get tricky....


The Future of SaaS

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It’s all too easy to forget how integral and pervasive software-as-a-service (SaaS) has become to modern business operations, given the efficiencies and flexibility benefits it provides users. But like any sector, SaaS is constantly evolving as it incorporates new technologies and adapts to...

Steve Nickell

EnhancedTECH Welcomes Steve Nickell

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Anaheim, CA (May 28, 2019) – EnhancedTECH EnhancedTECH is both excited and proud to welcome Steve Nickell to our team as Project Manager. Steve will be dedicated to the onboarding of new clients, handling project load as needed, and will be working with the Project Management Operations team...

Artificial Intelligence

Is it Time to Move to Artificial Intelligence?

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The artificial intelligence (AI) revolution has barely started, with many comparing its evolution to just the first page of the Gutenberg Bible or the arrival of the printing press. But with AI spending estimated to reach more than $52 billion by 2021, there’s no slowdown in sight. AI...


Is it Time to get rid of Passwords?

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Today I broke down. I finally got myself a good password manager and put it into place. I know, I know, I know...I've been an awful hypocrite, telling you all to get a password manager and putting off doing it myself. But in my defense, passwords just stink. They are hard to remember, not...

IT Race

How Successful Businesses are Winning the Race in IT

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Technology may be changing faster than ever, but successful organizations are still reliant on the expertise of employees, partners, and vendors to win the IT race, according to a recent OneAffiniti survey. The finding is one of several key IT trends identified in OneAffiniti's 2019 Business...


Jesse Guzman-New vCIO for EnhancedTECH

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Anaheim, CA, (May 10, 2019)--EnhancedTECH We are thrilled to announce that Jesse Guzman has accepted a promotion to our newly Senior Management position of Virtual CIO (vCIO).   Jesse has worked with EnhancedTECH for 15 years as a Senior Engineer specializing in IT Services,...


Microsoft Urging Updates on Old Versions to Prevent Malware Attack

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Microsoft is preemptively trying to get ahead of another WannaCry-style malware attack before it hits. Currently, they have released fixes for a Remote Desktop Services (aka Terminal Services) vulnerability that could allow "wormable" malware that spreads from computer to computer without...

IT Costs

Are IT Costs Holding Back Your Business?

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In order to continuously provide value to their oil and gas customers, SitePro needed a system that was quick for them to implement and truly offered the benefits of a digital oil field by providing up-to-the-minute data to their customers. To make the changes they desperately needed, SitePro...