Robotic Process Engineering

Can Robotic Process Engineering Transform Your Business?

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One of the most talked-about trends in the digital economy is robotics and its ability to perform tasks infinitely faster and more accurately than human workforces. The key to such advances is automation. Specifically, robotic process automation (RPA), which uses software ‘robots’ governed...

moving to the cloud

Why the Smart Money is Moving to the Cloud

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We all love having the latest, newest and best technology but there’s one small problem: whatever you buy today will be obsolete tomorrow. And with technology’s accelerating rate of change, ‘tomorrow’ comes faster and faster every year. That’s why ‘as a service’ (aaS) software (and...

macOS Mojave

Are you ready for macOS Mojave?

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It’s that time of year again when leaves fall from the trees, football reigns supreme, and most importantly, when Apple releases its next version of macOS to the public. But what can you expect from this next OS release? Does it live up to the Apple hype? macOS Mojave, 10.14, will pack a few...


How to Spot a Spoofed Email

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Question:  A friend contacted me and said he received a “this might be of interest” email from me and suggested I was hacked. I checked around but none of my other friends in my contacts got it. Is there a way to verify I have been hacked before I go through the pain of changing my primary...

The Reality of Identity Theft

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It's a bad day as a business owner when your IT guy walks in and tells you your system has been breached. Crucial data has disappeared. Your customer's information has been stolen. Passwords breached. Identity theft is your new reality. What now? Panic sets in. Unfortunately, despite our...

email scam

New Email Scam: Boss Needs iTunes Cards…NOW!

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According to security firm KnowB4, the bad guys are getting creative with hybrid giftcard / CEO Fraud scams, There is a massive campaign underway where they are impersonating an executive and urgently ask for gift cards to be bought for customers. The numbers need to be emailed or texted to the...

Rosetta AI

Facebook Using New Rosetta AI to Moderate Memes and Content

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Facebook is currently facing tremendous pressure to moderate the content posted on their site. When Russian trolls, bullying, and hate speech fill up the feed, even the government get's involved in monitoring the social media giant. But how do you look through every single image and comb through...

Natural Language Bot

See How Spanish Telco Builds Digital Assistant Based on Natural Language Bot

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Technology is now learning our language instead of the other way around. EnhancedTECH is here to help you leverage the most advanced solutions available to engage customers. A great example of this is how Spanish telco Telefonica decided to transform data into something useful for its 346...

Email Impersonation

Email Impersonation on the Rise

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Email impersonation is on the rise. Almost 1 in 6 users are now receiving email based impersonation attacks. This is bad news for businesses with click happy and eager employees. Cybercriminals are working overtime, committed to creating a ruse so good, users believe the emails being sent are...


Simple Scam Emails Do Most Damage

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Emails scams don't have to be complicated to be effective. In fact, new research reveals the more simple and straightforward the better. According to a new report released by Barracuda Networks, almost 60% of business email fraud is simply a plain text message (not a malicious link) and is...