Data Protection

Data Protection: If All You Have Is a Hammer, Everything Looks Like a Nail

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If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail!" This proverb was first introduced to the English lexicon by Abraham Maslow, an American psychologist who is best known for creating Maslow's hierarchy of needs psychology theory.  The meaning of the saying is that with limited tools,...

Cloud Communications

Get the Most from Your Communications, in the Cloud

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Take a look at how your employees are working—chances are, a good number of them are mobile, working from anywhere but the office and at times beyond the 9-to-5 workday. But no matter where they are and when they’re working, they need to have the necessary tools to do their jobs and collaborate...

Cyber Attacks

Cyber Attacks Now More Costly than Natural Disasters

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We all know earthquakes and hurricanes are a threat. But when did a cyber attack become as catastrophically damaging to our economy? Welcome to 2017 and the year US businesses will spend more money protecting themselves from virtual upheavals than physical threats. Lucinda Shen at Fortune...

public cloud solutions

How to Evaluate Private vs Public Cloud Solutions

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Using the cloud properly demands understanding exactly what it is. These days, it's no longer about one approach; modern cloud technology is an architecture that is expressed in a variety of ways. Is cloud computing overhyped? Yes, according to a recent research note by Gartner. Effective...

cloud communication system

3 Ways Cloud Communications Can Save Your Company Money

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What is a Cloud Communication System? These days, companies are demanding more from their technology. At the same time, IT budgets are decreasing, widening the gap between what employees want—and need to be more productive—and what IT can offer. The trick is to find technologies that make...

Deciphering Ransomware--Petya or NotPetya?

Deciphering Ransomware: Is it Petya or NotPetya?

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Confused by all the new varieties of ransomware?--Is it Petya or NotPetya? As new ransomware stories pop up in the news every week, it's challenging to keep track of and understand all of the different strains. But with a little deciphering, uncovering the specific type is easier than you might...

Cloud Communications

Communications as a Service: ‘Cloudifying’ the PBX

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The cloud has had a dramatic impact on the way we do business, impacting everything from infrastructure to user access. Applications have broken free from onsite hardware giving users the ability to work anywhere at any time. And it’s just getting started. Even business communications have...

Network Security

Steps You Can Take To Protect Your Network

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The last few weeks have initiated a dizzying array of malware and ransomware attacks on global networks. First "Wanna Cry," then "Petya" followed closely by "Not Petya." These attacks are different then typical hacks of the past because these infections rely heavily on social engineering--meaning...

Cyber Security

Cyber Security Assault Spreading Across Globe

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It's splashed across the morning news--another world-wide cyber security attack. This large-scale ransomware assault has already inundated England, Ukraine, India, the Netherlands, Spain, and Denmark...with more countries rapidly falling like dominoes. NotPetya Initially believed to be a...


Ransomware Doesn’t Have to Hijack Your Business

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WannaCry ransomware made global headlines recently as it infiltrated thousands of SMBs as well as larger operations like telcos, schools and hospitals, including some large-scale victims like the UK’s National Health Service. Be assured, this is not the first ransomware infection of its kind,...