North Korea Ransomware Hits News Media

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If you turned on the news this last weekend you saw the cyber carnage. A major newspaper publishing company was hit with a server outage that disrupted the distribution of multiple US newspapers, including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune and Baltimore...

kid's credit

Protecting Your Kid’s Identity

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It's a sad day when the identity of a wealthy 70 year-old is less valuable than a newborn, but in today's ramped up cyber crime climate, all bets are off. Why?--A criminal has almost 18 years to manipulate and destroy the tot's credit but the older gent probably keeps a good eye on his credit...

Security Tips

Tips to Secure Your Devices When Traveling

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As we wind up Christmas and head into the Happy New Year, many of us are hitting the road for a holiday adventure--maybe skiing or a bowl game is on the agenda? But traveling means vulnerability when it comes to belongings, including your sensitive data. We secure our homes with alarms and...

SQL Server 2008

Upgrade to avoid end of support for SQL Server 2008

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Microsoft has a number of products that evolve over time. SQL Server 2008 is no exception. That's why it's time to upgrade. Without the right scalable and modern data platform, you could be putting your entire operation at risk. At EnhancedTECH, we want you to take advantage of breakthrough...

cyber crime

Cyber Crime Will Cost the World Trillions by 2021

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When Frank Abagnale gives you a warning about cyber crime, it's a good idea to listen. Frank W. Abagnale, an FBI consultant for over 40 years and one of the world’s most respected authorities on forgery, embezzlement, and secure documents, concurs with the $6 trillion cybercrime damage cost...


Cybersecurity-What Financial Exec’s Need to Know

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Data breaches cause widespread havoc across an organization. Because a breach's impact is so significant it's imperative to implement across-the-board cybersecurity policies for all departments. Data breaches steal precious time and resources from the day-to-day functions of a business, costing...

Email Scam

New Terror Email Scam

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There’s a new email scam sweeping across the nation using fear to motivate it’s victims into paying a ransom. The scam threatens to detonate a concealed bomb in the user’s place of business. This email is a hoax. Not surprisingly, it originated from Russia, the Russian Federation to...

Don’t Open the Door for Hackers

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The stereotype of a computer hacker – where all it takes a few minutes of frenzied typing to access and control their target’s digital life – is looking more and more out of date. As organizations of all stripes are getting serious about IT security, cybercrime is gaining a physical...


Tips to Build a Business Platform

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We’re moving into a new age of business – the platform age. The likes of Uber, Airbnb, Alibaba and Apple are prime examples of platform businesses – but it’s not just for the big guys. Becoming a platform business is about changing the way you think and embracing a new style of...

Virtual Desktops

Why Virtual Desktops are a No Brainer for Manufacturers

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If you look across a modern factory floor, you’ll see as many glowing screens as gleaming robots. Many manufacturing systems and processes are now controlled by computers, and they’re also vital tools for the human workforce as well, as much – or even more – than their wrenches and...