Jesse Guzman-New vCIO for EnhancedTECH

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Anaheim, CA, (May 10, 2019)--EnhancedTECH We are thrilled to announce that Jesse Guzman has accepted a promotion to our newly Senior Management position of Virtual CIO (vCIO).   Jesse has worked with EnhancedTECH for 15 years as a Senior Engineer specializing in IT Services,...


Microsoft Urging Updates on Old Versions to Prevent Malware Attack

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Microsoft is preemptively trying to get ahead of another WannaCry-style malware attack before it hits. Currently, they have released fixes for a Remote Desktop Services (aka Terminal Services) vulnerability that could allow "wormable" malware that spreads from computer to computer without...

IT Costs

Are IT Costs Holding Back Your Business?

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In order to continuously provide value to their oil and gas customers, SitePro needed a system that was quick for them to implement and truly offered the benefits of a digital oil field by providing up-to-the-minute data to their customers. To make the changes they desperately needed, SitePro...


What Can Blockchain do for Your Business?

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Blockchain has been described as “the most influential technology for the future of business”. At first glance, it's the technology that securely sends, receives, stores and trades digital currencies such as Bitcoin – but its potential reaches far beyond cryptocurrencies. It's somewhat...

Here’s what’s trending in the world of SMB

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If you run a small or medium-sized business, you want to be up to speed with the latest tech, trends, and best practices that enable your organization to stay productive and grow, right? WannaCry not dead If you thought the threat of WannaCry ransomware had disappeared, think again....


Innovation Supported

Share: Facebook Twitter Google Email “We realized we were leaving too many good ideas on the side,” Aaron Phillips, President and CEO, SitePro.  The ability to innovate is what separates long-term successful businesses from the pack. However, a business can have all the...

spear phishing

8 Tips for Protecting Your Small Business from Phishing Attacks

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Phishing continues to be a top exploit for small business breaches, and companies should take notice. Of the 360,000 spear phishing email attacks examined over a three-month period, the most common types were brand impersonation (83%) and business email compromise (11%). Such breaches can be...

How to Fix Pesky Windows Update Issues

How to Fix Pesky Windows Update Issues

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If you are plagued by pesky windows updates, you're not alone.   Common issues are updates failing to install, long wait times while “waiting to configure your pc,” or even failed to install and reverting updates. Below you will find a task list you can follow.  But I suggest you...

Hardware Refresh

Customize Your Hardware Refresh Cycle

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The idea of the refresh cycle – a planned, knowable, consistent schedule of hardware updates – is one of the foundations of IT budgeting. The challenge has always been around timing. Refresh too early and you're throwing money down the drain. Upgrade too late and you risk impacting the...

Windows 10

The Real-World Benefits of Upgrading to Windows 10

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Still wondering if you should upgrade to Windows 10? I get it, I usually like to wait and see how these things pan out first. But this upgrade seems pretty legit. Microsoft’s latest operating system is a solid product, with improvements under the hood that have made it more secure with an...