Online School Starts While Zoom Crashes in the US


Did your child attempt to start online distance learning yesterday morning and have trouble connecting to their classrooms through Zoom? They weren’t alone. Around the US and the world on August 24th 2020, distance learning as well as any business utilizing the video conference service Zoom,...

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Tampering with device

How to Tell if Someone is Tampering With Your Devices


If I looked at your phone I'd probably learn a lot about you, There are family pictures, texts, videos, documents and some of your highly private information. Our devices reflect our lives. And because of this, securely locking down your devices has never been more important. But what if...

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flying car

Japan Says 3 Years Until We See Flying Cars in Tokyo


We’ve been waiting for this moment. The day when we can truly eliminate traffic not because people have finally learned how to drive, but because there is a skyway and a highway. That’s right… Flying cars. Flying Cars The Japanese government has announced this dream will be a reality...

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New Microsoft Teams Features!


Video conference we must, this is the way. Please forgive our punny Star Wars references, but in all honesty, it just seems that if you’re not using some sort of work from home collaboration software, you’re not doing it right! You’re all thinking it, we’re just saying it. For those...

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school shooting

New Software Designed to Save Lives in the Event of a School Shooting


It’s devastating to think about any person losing their life by the hand of another, and especially devastating to think about that occurring in a classroom setting where children are believed to be safe. Too many times we’ve seen it on the news, experienced it in our own lives or the life of...

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