Touch-Free Public Screens Become a Reality

Touch-Free Public Screens Become a Reality


Just about everything is touch screen these days, but wouldn’t it be nice to never have to touch a public screen again? I mean, how often do they really wipe them down? We’re still experiencing a global pandemic after all… Soon you’ll have the option, “researchers at the University of...

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Super Cool Tech: Tiny Beetle Backpacks, With Cameras


We think we’ve seen the world from a bug’s perspective in movies using computer graphics and lifelike drawings, but nothing compares to this new mini-beetle-camera-backpack. Technology is so cool when there’s no risk of being hacked, who would benefit from PII (personally identifiable...

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How to Bolster Teamwork During WFH


Trying to keep your team motivated and high-performing as they work remotely? Building and sustaining morale in a rather depressing pandemic climate is no easy feat! Keeping expectations grounded in reality is a good start. There will be challenges but a focus on team building and morale can go...

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We’re All About to Love Amazon’s New Policy Change


We all love to love Amazon, but it seems we also all love to hate it at times. We can’t be the first organization or individual who has received their order and… wow, this was not what the description promoted, not even close! Well, there’s reasons for that madness experienced around the...

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CIA Given More Cyberattack Powers With Secret Order


Finally, a little counter-espionage! New reports suggest that in 2018 the CIA was allowed to take the offense on cyberattacks. Before that, they had been limited to defense only when it came to other countries attacking our infrastructure and businesses. CIA's Secret Order But back in 2018,...

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Customer Spotlight: Bob Naughton


A little customer appreciation goes a long way, and EnhancedTECH has been extremely fortunate to provide service for Bob Naughton at Benefits Exchange Alliance in Lake Forest CA. Because of this, we want to present Bob and his company as our first ever, ‘Customer Spotlight.’ In spite of his...

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Feeling Chaotic? Here Are 6 Ways Your Smartphone Can Help You Feel More Organized


In a recent blog post, we discussed how technology and social media can increase feelings of loneliness. What we didn’t talk about, is how technology can also increase your productivity and help get you organized, which we could all use (if you think you can’t, think again). Here are some...

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Delete Your Data by Accident? Windows 10 Has an App for That


Uh-oh, you just finished a project (a little too close to its deadline) and accidentally hit ‘delete’. You weren’t paying attention when it asked if you were sure, and clicked yes anyway. It’s gone. Hours and hours of hard work disappeared in an instant. What if there was a way to...

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