Quarantine Lonliness

Contributing to Our Quarantine Loneliness? Tech and Social Media, Here’s How:


Missing getting together in groups of more than a few people? Tired of game night consisting only of the faces you’ve seen day in and day out for months? We are too. So, where do we go for social activity when some are still scared to enjoy a meal away from home? Why, online of course! Why...

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A US Crypto Dollar?


Our wallets might look a little more virtual in the not so distant future. Why? The US Government is tinkering with developing a cryptocurrency. At the start of June,, the National Science Foundation (NSF), an independent agency of the U.S. government, awarded a $225,000 research grant to...

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Elon Musks’ SpaceX Starlink Internet Is Ready for Beta Testing


Sure, we love having infinite pieces of information at our fingertips and yes, it’s nice to have a GPS to lead us almost anywhere we want to go, but we have numerous problems with our existing internet, do we need another one? Apparently so. Maybe this one will be better? After the most...

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Are URL’s on the Way Out?


One of the more difficult parts of red flagging a corrupt URL is well…the URL. It looks like gobbly gook and it’s hard to determine if it’s legit or not. So, Google’s Chrome team has decided to do something about that. They are "tinkering" with new solutions. Many browsers display the...

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Google Dog

Thought You Were Incognito? Class Action Filed Against Google for Tracking Private Browsing


Data privacy and data tracking are some of the highest trending subjects in today’s technology world. We’re all aware by now that whatever we click on, tends to follow us for what feels like an eternity. We’re talking about those socks you ordered three years ago that still haunt the ads you...

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data security

Strong Data Security is Never More Necessary


Maintaining a strong Managed IT Services and Security Services foundation is paramount for not only the security of your organization but also for the security of your customers. With the chaotic climate of 2020, most businesses are already under tremendous financial strain. Adding in a data...

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Contact Tracing App Released in Switzerland Using Apple and Google API


The world’s first anything tends to be pretty darn cool, I mean, its new! It also tends to have a few kinks that need ironing, and sometimes an audience with divided feelings. All of these things are true about the SwissCovid contact-tracing app that was just released in Switzerland. But...

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Taking Your Business Beyond the Pandemic


No matter what industry you are in-manufacturing, retail, event services, your business has been impacted and turned upside down by the pandemic. New protocols and safety standards make simply doing business challenging. Now there is social distancing, lockdowns, and trying to stagger employees...

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