Educational Content Through Microsoft’s New Channel, Learn TV


So many channels, so little time. Well, you may want to make time for Learn TV, Microsoft’s newest way “for customers to consume technical content.” “Introduced at its Build 2020 developers conference this week, Learn TV is a channel for pre-recorded and on-demand video programming for...

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How to Safely Reopen Your Small Business


As California moves to reopen from the quarantine in Phase 2 and into 3, small businesses have to decide when and just how to safely reopen within the landscape of a still ongoing pandemic while balancing the economic impact of remaining closed. Although the local government may give you the green...

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California Promotes New Covid-19 Tracing Program


If it sounds a little scary, that's because it is. On Friday, California launched its first coronavirus contact tracing program. California Governor Gavin Newsom will commence a public awareness campaign to get people to join in. The program is called California Connected, and works by...

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No Germs? No Problem. New Tech to Open Doors Without Doorknobs


If you weren’t a germaphobe a few months ago, we don’t blame you if you’re now wiping down every surface in sight on a regular/semi-regular basis. Even those hard-to-reach places we used to neglect are now cobweb free and disinfected. We just wish there was a better way to open door handles,...

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Want to make a Facebook Avatar? Here’s how…


It seems like the whole world now has a Facebook Avatar. Everyone but you. So how do you make one? I read a few articles on how to make an Avatar before it actually worked. Your best bet is to use the Facebook App on your phone. 1. Click in the comment or message box as if you were writing a...

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How Loon and AT&T Will Use Balloons to Extend Internet Access to Areas Following Natural Disasters


A large silver balloon floating 20,000 meters into the stratosphere, the “first time that the balloons have been officially launched with a view to providing a commercial service in partnership with a local operator.” Commercial service? Provided by balloons? Yes, 4G network coverage to a...

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Why You Need Employee Internet Monitoring Software for Your Remote Workforce


The web provides many options, including increasing flexibility in the way companies and employees operate. However, the internet also presents a lot of extra exposure to risks that previously didn’t exist. When used incorrectly, there is an abundance of distractions available, which can reduce...

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The Spread of a Pandemic Through Social Media and Memes


Laugher is truly the best medicine. During a global crisis where healthy citizens of almost every country are asked to stay indoors and avoid contact with others, there will inevitably be a turn toward technology to remain in touch, and a rapid deployment of material online to help people...

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Want to take a class from an Ivy?-Online Resources to Learn During Quarantine


We've all got some extra time on our hands--why not use it to improve our intellect? I've always wanted to go to Harvard (just a little difficult to get in) and now I can. I'm looking at their social justice class and it looks amazing! I don't know about you, but I can't do a real Netflix...

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