Why Using FREE Wi-Fi Could Ruin Your Holiday


In the hustle and bustle of all this holiday traveling, we tend to get swept up in the moment. Then of course, there are those of us who want to post that special moment to social media (immediately), and if you’re tight on gigs, you might have to log on to the closest accessible free...

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Electric bikes over electric cars? Predictions for the next decade of 2020s


With the flawless unveiling of the newest addition to the Tesla family, the Cybertruck, you’d think EV sales are set to shoot through the roof in the next decade right? Actually, if you watched the unveiling… you’re probably more surprised that Tesla has even received 250,000 pre-orders...

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A Cyber Cold War in 2020?


Check Point Software Technologies, a cyber security solutions provider, has released its cyber-security predictions for 2020. Checkpoint dives into the significant cyber attacks of 2019 and the technical research that will impact business in the next year, recommending strategies to help private...

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Hacker Tells Kids “It’s Santa” through Ring Camera


Every little kid wants to hear they are on the "nice" list from Santa, but if Santa is communicating to your kids through a smart device, someone is ending up on the "naughty" list! Recent video footage shows a hacker chatting with a young girl in her bedroom through her family's Ring camera....

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Smart TV's

Smart TVs are being used to cyberstalk you – according to the FBI


Have you ever had that strange feeling like something is watching you, but nothing’s there? Did that feeling happen in front of a smart TV? Electronics can give off some weird signals, but none weirder than those that are literally watching you. The FBI has recently issued warnings about...

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What’s in store for the future of GPS? Check out GPS III


It’s easy to take our access to GPS for granted, it’s always there, at our fingertips whenever we need it. Long gone are the days of Thomas Guide and MapQuest, it’s easy, just GPS it. Not that we need to know exactly how it works (so long as it does), but in case you were curious…...

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Tips to Prevent Ransomware


No company wants to tell their customers or shareholders they have been hit by Ransomware. Despite the obvious hassles of recovering encrypted data and paying the ransom, the bigger impact may be the long term reputation management of facing an attack. Here are a few tips to prevent a...

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