Recent Ransomware Insurance Payouts Encourages More Cyber-Attacks.


We can purchase insurance for just about anything. Pet Insurance, life insurance, insurance on an engagement ring or car, even Heidi Klum’s legs are insured for $2.2 million dollars (yes, we meant anything). We do it because these items have value, and so that if something happens to them we are...

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facial recognition

California’s Proposed Ban on Police Facial Recognition


Recently cleared in the senate, a police facial recognition ban is about to head to the governor to sign. Why would we want to limit the scope of what’s used to catch the bad guys? Doesn’t facial recognition help put criminals behind bars? Why ban facial recognition? “Under the...

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Coding Azure via Spring Boot?


If you're a developer using Spring Boot to develop your applications and are interested in using Microsoft Azure as your base, check out this mini-series. It walks you through the advantages of Microsoft Azure as a platform for your applications and ways to leverage its unique advantages to get...

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face data

“Face Data” Collected by Google?


It’s no big secret that facial recognition software exits, or that it’s used to catch bad guys like we see in the big Hollywood movies. But what about when it's used by a smart-home device to activate YOUR account, even if the device is shared by other people in your home? Face...

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Back-to-school Delayed by Ransomware Attack in Flagstaff, AZ


Rightfully so, children’s eyes light up when you tell them they no longer need to attend school on a particular day. Be it a snow day, a holiday, or maybe a surprise family vacation. But there has never been a day off due to Ransomware, and in this case not just for one school but an entire...

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robotic thread

Robots small enough to travel through blood vessels?


Think small, now think smaller! Imagine robots small enough to travel through blood vessels. It looks like brain surgery just got a whole lot easier. Like something out of a sci-fi movie, picture tools resembling a needle and thread slithering around through the blood vessels of your...

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