How to Fix Pesky Windows Update Issues

How to Fix Pesky Windows Update Issues


If you are plagued by pesky windows updates, you're not alone.   Common issues are updates failing to install, long wait times while “waiting to configure your pc,” or even failed to install and reverting updates. Below you will find a task list you can follow.  But I suggest you...

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Hardware Refresh

Customize Your Hardware Refresh Cycle


The idea of the refresh cycle – a planned, knowable, consistent schedule of hardware updates – is one of the foundations of IT budgeting. The challenge has always been around timing. Refresh too early and you're throwing money down the drain. Upgrade too late and you risk impacting the...

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Windows 10

The Real-World Benefits of Upgrading to Windows 10


Still wondering if you should upgrade to Windows 10? I get it, I usually like to wait and see how these things pan out first. But this upgrade seems pretty legit. Microsoft’s latest operating system is a solid product, with improvements under the hood that have made it more secure with an...

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2FA-Another Facebook Headache


Doubling up on your social media security? Unfortunately, it may be working against you. On Facebook, two-factor authentication using your phone numbers as verification isn't so secure. Facebook is simply tanking in the trust department. Two-Factor Authentication a Trap? Sadly, the...

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