Simple Scam Emails Do Most Damage


Emails scams don't have to be complicated to be effective. In fact, new research reveals the more simple and straightforward the better. According to a new report released by Barracuda Networks, almost 60% of business email fraud is simply a plain text message (not a malicious link) and is...

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1 in 50 Emails are Malicious


A recent study by Mimecast of 10,072,682 emails, exposed 203,000 malicious links that had been cleared as "safe" by security systems – a disturbing ratio of one unstopped malicious link for every 50 emails inspected. The Mimecast report also revealed an 80% increase in impersonation attacks in...

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Spoofing is Getting More Sophisticated


Just browsing in the internet these days is a risky adventure. Diversions onto fake websites where scam artists are waiting to trap unsuspecting users has become a new threat.. A simple error in your typing corresponding with a spoofed domain and bamm!--clever scamsters have...

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cloud services

Boost Workforce Productivity 15% with Cloud Services


Speed is important in any industry, but it’s especially critical when you’re a technology company that keeps the power on for hundreds of utility organizations. Watch this video to see how ABB uses Microsoft cloud services to boost workforce productivity in the field by 15% and get to market...

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Industry 4.0

How to Transition to Industry 4.0


Maybe you've heard the chatter in the tech realm?  The fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0, is upon us. But how do you prepare for the next wave of technology as you are just beginning to acclimate to Industry 3.0? What is Industry 4.0? Let's  start with a brief history...Industry...

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threat actors

Don’t Fall Victim to Threat Actors-How to Avoid a Data Breach


Below is an article from one of our EnhancedTECH security engineers on data breaches. This guy is daily in the trenches fighting to protect and defend our client's business infrastructure. Thanks for your insight Dave and keep up the good work! A Note from Dave--My name is Dave Collins, I am a...

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Managing Your Data in the Hybrid Cloud


The idea of a hybrid cloud set-up – combining on-premises and off-site services – is an increasingly popular option for organizations of all sizes. But you do need some careful planning to make this type of implementation work. There are number of practical and technical challenges to...

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Glassybaby Empowers Firstline Workers


When you’re running a small business, the less time you spend on details like scheduling, the more time you can spend on customers and your mission. EnhancedTECH is here to help connect you with the right solutions to save you valuable time. Glassybaby is a business born out of hope by a...

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Data Breach

Are You Prepared for a Data Breach?


Some SMB's like to put their head in the sand when it comes to cybersecurity. Unfortunately, data breaches are a REAL threat that needs to be planned for. Did you know that SMBs have a higher susceptibility of being successfully breached, in comparison to larger corporations? While it seems...

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How to Make Onboarding New Employees Less Painful


Onboarding new employees can be a major pain in the neck, especially for businesses who are rapidly expanding. If the process is complicated or insufficient, employees take longer to reach full capacity. If they get frustrated, they might even quit. Kronos, a provider of workforce management and...

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