New Test to Determine Your Susceptibility to Scams and Hackers


Worried about social engineering and how vulnerable your business is because of the human factor? Well, now you can give your staff a test to determine their susceptibility to scams to better focus your efforts on cyber security training where it is most needed. Researchers have developed an...

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The Cloud

Reducing Costs With Cloud Communication


Reducing costs with cloud communications Not all dollars cost the same. A dollar invested in a technology project that has a low return on investment (ROI) has opportunity costs that may amount to far more than the initial investment itself. Similarly, many technology projects require ongoing...

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Human Factor Biggest Cyber Vulnerability


Attackers have gone back to old school cons. If they can't get in through the security system then they dupe the employees to let them in. Jonathan Greig at TechRepublic recently penned an article based on the latest Proofpoint research: "According to cybersecurity firm Proofpoint, the 'vast...

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How to Protect Against Cryptomining


Does it ever feel like your computer somehow downloaded a "slow bug?" It used to be responsive and quick and now it's crawling along and the spin of doom takes for-ev-er... You might not be imagining it. You may have been hit with cryptomining code—cyber criminals’ latest flavor of the...

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Hackers Targeting Your Online Bank Account


According to a new report, banking and finance are the most highly targeted sites for hackers. The worst vulnerabilities were found in banking and finance web applications tested by Positive Technologies, a firm that provides Internet security products for businesses.“Greater complexity results...

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Innovation Platform

Build an Innovation Platform for your Business


How to help your business think differently From the iPhone to the pet rock, the most lucrative business ideas tend to arise from a willingness to think outside the norm. But for every breakthrough, there are countless ideas that fail to take off. That’s not necessarily because they were...

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Virtual Reality

AR and VR set to Transform Business Processes


Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are already altering how the business world functions in ways that would have seemed unimaginable a decade ago. Yet anyone with more than a passing interest in the technologies understands that we are currently experiencing the tip of the iceberg with...

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Collaboration Tools to Better Run Your Business


Collaboration Tools: People can't do great things alone. We must join forces to share ideas, passion and purpose. One of the best tools we've found at EnhancedTECH is Microsoft Office 365. It allows you to focus on your purpose rather than your process. To be successful, any organization needs to...

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Millennials, Machines and Customer Service


In the pursuit to deliver a more personalized customer experience, businesses have found an unlikely ally in machines. From tiny sensors to artificially intelligent contact centers, machine-based technologies can help businesses better understand, serve and communicate with their customers. In a...

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How Phishing Emails are Weaponized


Email--can't live with it, can't live without it. The truth is, we can't do business without email these days, and yet email does us no favors in the cyber security realm. Email is by far, the most popular attack vector used by criminals to carry out targeted cyber attacks. On any given day, more...

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