Atlanta Ransomware Attack

Ramsomware Attack Still Slowing Atlanta Down


A week after getting hit by a ransomware attack, the city of Atlanta is still struggling to get on it's feet. As of today, "law enforcement is still not using some of its databases and the city's water department can't take any form of payment. Plus, the municipal court continues to push off its...

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fake news

Why False News Spreads Like Wildfire


How is it that "false news" is so easily dispersed, accepted and promulgated? Oxford University’s Computational Propaganda Project looked into the social media phenomenon of “junk news” — which they define as "the tabloidization, false content, conspiracy theories, and political propaganda...

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Artificial Intelligence-Beneficial or Dangerous?


The ethical implications in the rise of Artificial Intelligence are raising some great conversations. Kevin Townsend recently penned an intriguing article about AI in SecurityWeek, analyzing the current AI climate and the expected near future, based on a recent important scientific...

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Old Phone

10 Ways to Improve Your Business Communications System


Business Competition in Today’s Economy is Fierce Your customers expect the highest level of care, and you and your staff need to be reachable, professional and customer-focused at all times – no matter where you’re working. If that’s your business model, is your phone system supporting...

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Door Bell

Your Fancy New Doorbell is Easily Hacked


Who knew your doorbell could be hacked? According to the Department of Homeland Security and new research by Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU), off-the-shelf devices that include baby monitors, home security cameras, doorbells, and thermostats were easy to remotely hijack by cyber...

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Millenials More Gullible to Scams


According to a report by the FTC,  40% of adults age 20-29 lost money to fraud, while only 18% of adults over the age of 70 did so, challenging the narrative of older adults falling victim to scams. One study after the next confirms that younger adults are the biggest victims of scams. IT leaders...

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Mitel Partners With MLB


Major League Baseball today announced details of a new partnership with Mitel, to power the league's communications tools and connections across the 30 MLB ballparks. The new partnership will transform the existing 30 independent platforms for dugout, bullpen, video review rooms and press box...

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Digital Tools

Broadclyst School Uses Digital Tools to Maximize Learning


All the competing demands on your staff can cause productivity to plummet. But, with the right digital tools, they can gain new insights and get more done—faster. The Broadclyst School found that the capabilities Microsoft Office 365 delivers led to a win-win situation for both teachers and...

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Using Social Media to Grow Your Business


Seven ways to use social data Social media networks have billions of users; as of January 2018 the biggest network is Facebook and key platform user numbers include: Facebook: 2.167 billion YouTube: 1.5 billion WhatsApp: 1.3 billion Instagram: 800 million Twitter: 330 million ...

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Top 10 Productivity Tools and Tips


In the days before the internet, productivity was a slow process requiring manual input and long-form mathematics. The internet has changed all that and is getting better all the time. So what are the top 10 productivity boosters for 2018? 1. The Toughest USB device Aegis Secure Key 3Z is featured...

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