Snatching Credentials and Targeting Inboxes-How Hackers are Getting In


In a new report, Trend Micro revealed that Business Email Compromise is projected to grow at an astounding rate as attackers continue to use more sophisticated social engineering tactics to trick their targets. The Internet Crime Complaint Center characterizes the business email attacks in five...

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Azure Football

The Seattle Seahawks use Azure to Provide Insights into the Mystery of the Rehab Process


The Seattle Seahawks work hard to get better and Microsoft Azure is helping them use player's recovery data to their advantage. Being a champion isn’t enough. You must do more to keep winning. With Microsoft Azure, DaShawn Shead and the Seattle Seahawks can capture more data, which provides a...

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It’s About Time: Biometrics Will Soon Replace Passwords


Technology brings us great rewards. It also brings big headaches, one of them being the password approach to identification. Fortunately, the end is near for password-only authentication as Biometrics grows in ease of use and affordability. Unfortunately, biometrics won't stop bad guys from being...

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Ransomware: Industries Most at Risk


Ever wonder how hackers target their victims? It seems certain industries are more prone than others. According to a new study from KnowBe4 on the phishing statistics for top industries, small insurance companies have the highest percentage of phish-prone employees in the small to mid–size...

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Cybercriminals: Profile of a Hacker


Cybercriminals don't fit a certain profile and they certainly don't all wear hoodies and slouch around as the media likes to portray them. Many wear business suits and work in upscale companies on the other side of the world. Because the web has made the world a smaller more globally connected...

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Boost Innovation and Productivity with Digital Collaboration


Digital collaboration is the key to innovation, productivity and results in the future. Digital technology might have transformed the modern workplace, but every innovation inevitably throws up its own set of obstacles to overcome. One such challenge is siloing, where an organization’s...

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Proactive Cyber Defense


Cybersecurity is now a game of attack, not defense It’s said that the best defense is a good offense. This is particularly true in cybersecurity, where the average cost of a security breach in the U.S. is more than US$200 per compromised data item, according to a 2017 Ponemon study....

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Making Security a Business Value


Is Network Security A Part of Your Business Values? Many businesses struggle to gain momentum in making security a priority. Building a Security Culture-You Can't do it Alone Initiating change in an organization isn’t easy but getting stuck in backward thinking is always more painful in the...

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Tips to Spot an Email Scam


The Today show recently ran a report on how to spot an email scam. Correspondent Jeff Rossen interviewed people on the streets of New York and asked if they could identify the false emails. At first glance, many of the participants in the random study were fooled, but with a little training they...

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Hackers Targeting SMB’s


Small businesses often think they are immune from cybersecurity attacks but actually the opposite is true--they are more susceptible. With a whopping 60% of small businesses experiencing a cyber attack in the last year, security has never been a higher priority. But sadly, all too often small...

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