IoT Devices

Are your IoT Devices exposing you to Hackers?


Most likely Christmas brought you a few nifty gifts under the tree, but for some folks it may have also introduced  bizarre sounds into their home. Creaking doors, babies crying, moans and groans not coming from their family--sound familiar? Fortunately, you probably aren't going nuts, but your...

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2017 Worst Passwords


It's a repeat year for "123456" which remained as the top password among the millions of cleartext passwords exposed online from multiple data breach incidents at various providers. Let's talk straight, if "123456" is your password then your security level is at an all time low, but the other...

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AI Security A Huge Concern


Worried about AI? You aren't alone. A new panel by Webroot shows that 86% of security professionals are concerned that AI and ML (machine learning) technology could be used against them. And they are more on target than off, because it's already happening right now with fake celebrity videos of...

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CIO/CFO Relationship

How the CIO/CFO Relationship Can Work Better


The continual advancement of technology as an integral part of the majority of businesses has meant an expanded role for CIOs. With that territory has to come a necessarily closer working relationship and shared understanding with the CFO as well. In fact, 42% of IT departments report directly to...

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Best Mobility Apps

Best Mobility Apps


In today’s mobile world, it seems IT or communications directors are rarely at their desks anymore. With access to everything from a laptop, tablet, or smartphone it makes managing systems more mobile and convenient than ever. With this shift to IT and mobility, that means new application...

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Can You Have Trusted Security and BYOD?


Bring Your Own Device or “BYOD” as it is more commonly referred as, means a company allows their employees to use their personal communication devices for work-related activities. It’s a move that not only can cut expenses, but enhances and improves employee productivity. In a study by Tech...

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Failed Transaction

Fake Paypal “Failed Transaction” Scam Targeting Holiday Shoppers


There is an especially sneaky PayPal scam tactic in the run up to the holidays, when many people struggle to remember the who/what/when/where/why of their festive spending. Scammers are banking on the holiday rush combined with the convenience of "clicking a link" to steal cash out from under your...

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How to Prep Your IT Infrastucture for AI


AI is changing everything. Open any tech website or business journal today, and you will learn about the promise of AI, also known as artificial or augmented intelligence, and how it will transform your business. The truth is: AI will not only transform business, but it will transform technology...

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Hybrid IT

Is Hybrid IT the Flexible Solution Your Business Needs?


Technology is moving at a speed that is hard to compute. Cars that do the driving for us. Robot security guards are standing post. An Echo verbally orders our paper towels from Walmart, and in our pockets smart phones run our lives. Sensors connected to all the gadgets are deployed in the service...

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Wireless Solutions

Wireless Solutions to Improve Small Business Productivity


It's no secret that employees and businesses are expected to be more productive than ever. Smartphones, broadband, and 24-hour connectivity means that everyone is expected to up to speed and on top of things all day, every day. If you're a small business owner, you might feel pressure from...

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