3 Best Practices in Using Collaboration Apps


Collaboration tools have helped companies expand well beyond the four walls of their office, giving employees free rein to work anywhere and promoting the idea of a virtual workforce. But what companies gain in expanded reach and productivity increases they can sometimes lose in personal...

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New IRS Ransomware Scam


All of us mildly panic when the IRS comes a calling-unless they are offering a refund. No one (other than a CPA) likes a tax audit, even if our finances are squeaky clean. Unfortunately, hackers are now exploiting our fear of having the government comb through our accounts, or on the other hand,...

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cloud based communications

How SMBs Can Benefit from Cloud Communications


Today’s business environment is much different from 20 or even 10 years ago. Employees are more productive and expect more from their business tools, while companies run a tighter, more streamlined work environment. As a result, every tool is utilized to its fullest capabilities, with little room...

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hidden traffic

Why Your Network Security Needs to Decrypt Traffic to Stop Hidden Threats


Most of your web sessions are likely now encrypted with Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) encryption, or HTTPS. This is because there is a huge trend in the industry today that wants to move towards an all-encrypted Internet to achieve two key objectives: • Make it more...

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Hackers Using Ransomware

Hackers Using Ransomware to Target Medical Industry


Hackers Using Ransomware to Target Medical Industry The threat of Ransomware grows daily for today's business owners. Risking your company's data without secure protection is a losing bet. But many folks still want to cover their ears and pretend this isn't a real conversation in the SMB...

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Cloud Communications

5 Ways Cloud Communications can Improve Customer Relationships


Your company prides itself on its stellar customer service. Whether its onboarding new customers or addressing an issue a current customer may be having, your employees understand the importance of making—and keeping—customers satisfied. But the tools you use to interact with your customers...

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stop ransomware

What Can You Do to Stop Ransomware?


Ransomware Running Rampant This summer, two catastrophic ransomware attacks--WannaCry and NotPetya bombarded corporations across the globe. As the ransomware threat continues to magnify its reach, it's imperative to learn how you can protect against ransomware. Ransomware Protection...

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Tech Trends

Tech Trends to Watch for in Fall 2017


Smart machines are getting smarter, and a new IT reality has dawned. The machines are rising. Artificial intelligence (AI) has proven it’ll be no fun at a party, having taken down the world’s best player at the difficult strategy game Go. If that makes you anxious, good news: virtual reality...

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SMB Communications

3 Ways to Achieve Enterprise-Grade Collaboration at an SMB Price Point


Every business, regardless of size or focus, relies on its communications system. Without a reliable phone system, the critical interaction between employee and customer can’t happen, which means your business won’t grow and thrive. Just as important is how well your communications system...

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email skeptic

Why You Need to be an Email Skeptic


You can learn a lot from Facebook. Maybe too much--which is why being an email skeptic these days is a good idea. A security researcher decided to see how hard it would be to create a targeted phishing attack on a total stranger. He went to Facebook and found a guy he did not know personally and...

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