Cyber Security Assault Spreading Across Globe


It's splashed across the morning news--another world-wide cyber security attack. This large-scale ransomware assault has already inundated England, Ukraine, India, the Netherlands, Spain, and Denmark...with more countries rapidly falling like dominoes. NotPetya Initially believed to be a new...

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Ransomware Doesn’t Have to Hijack Your Business


WannaCry ransomware made global headlines recently as it infiltrated thousands of SMBs as well as larger operations like telcos, schools and hospitals, including some large-scale victims like the UK’s National Health Service. Be assured, this is not the first ransomware infection of its kind,...

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HR Departments New Ransomware Target


HR Departments New Ransomware Target In the newest blitz of targeted social engineering ransomware attacks--your HR department is now under siege and HR departments have become the newest Ransomware target. Cybercriminals pretending to pursue fake job postings are using applications to gain entry...

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