chat assist

Chat Assist-Now Offered by EnhancedTECH


EnhancedTECH is excited to introduce Chat Assist—a valuable tool to provide our customers with better support—now faster.  Chat Assist will give you the ability to connect quickly and easily with our customer support technicians with no phone call or email required.  It’s easy to use and...

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Video Conferencing

Does Videoconferencing MakeYou Sweat? 5 Tips to a Successful Presentation


As telecommuting continues to surge—videoconferencing becomes a powerful tool to stay connected in the workforce. But for the less technical and less confidant employees, videoconferencing presents its own set of challenges. While videoconferencing is a great way to do business, a disorganized...

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Spear Phishing

SEC Targeted Spear Phishing Campaign


A highly developed phishing attack is attempting to gain classified corporate data. Cyber criminals are dispatching spoofed emails alleging to be from the Security and Exchange Commission, and targeting lawyers, compliance managers, and the company officials who are in charge of filing documents...

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